Duke Energy. Applications for service can be made by phone or in person at the Duke Energy Office on 410 W. Chapel Hill Street. One business day’s notice is required for connection of service. Customer service: (919) 382-3200. http://www.dukeenergy.com



Public Service Company of North Carolina. Unless you have had service in the last 12 months, you must go to the office with a copy of your lease and I.D. The deposit, which is based on the number of rooms in the house, may be waived by obtaining a cosigner or three letters of credit. If you call in the morning, gas can be hooked up the same day. Located at 3001 Harvard Ave., Durham. Hours: M-F: 8 am-5 pm. Customer Service: 1-877-776-2427 or (919) 688-2188 (fax)


Water and Sewer

City of Durham. Most apartment complexes will take care of arranging this service. Houses may or may not need this service. Ask your landlord if you are not sure. Located at 101 City Hall Plaza. (919) 560-4411

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