Life in Durham

Durham is a town built on tobacco, an industry to which it owes both its peculiar architecture and culture, as well as the historical endowment that has allowed Duke University to flourish. When cigarette manufacturing began to decline in the mid-1900s, the science and healthcare industries stepped in to fill the gap. Powered by the three universities that make up the vertices of the Research Triangle, Durham has become a midsize city with a small town feel, and the kinds of amenities and opportunities usually found in much larger metropolises.

Before you can get out and explore, however, you’ll need to make sure that you have a place to call home. This section of the website covers housing, utilities, transportation, shopping, and finances. We’ve also thrown in some recommendations from current and former Duke Law students about the best restaurants, bars, and activities that you ought to check out during the next three years.

Those years will go faster than you think they will—but for now, you have an opportunity to take in everything that the city has to offer. Whenever you’re done with your reading, or simply need a break from legalese, head outside and see what new mysteries you can uncover. And who knows? Some students have grown so fond of the Bull City that they’ve decided to stick around!