Before you can do anything else on campus, you need to know where to put your car so as to escape the wrath of the parking services meter maids. Parking tickets aren’t cheap at Duke, ranging from $40 to $250. Pay careful attention to the parking signs, because there are some spots around campus that are notorious “parking traps,” like the Service Permit spots in the middle of the Chemistry street parking.

Visitor Parking

Duke University Parking and Transportation Services claims to start enforcing permits in mid-August, but these initial enforcements might consist merely of warnings. But get your permit straightened out as soon as possible to avoid a fine.

Visitor lots and spots are marked on the street and on the maps at the Parking and Transportation Services website.


You may have already had the opportunity to get your parking passes through the Bursar’s Office, but if not, you need to make a trip to the Parking and Transportation Services office located at 2010 Campus Drive, or register for parking online.

Initially, you will be able to register for individual parking passes for the Green Zone (which, like all the other zones, is marked on the map on the Parking and Transportation Services website). You may also be able to register for carpool passes for the Chemistry Lot (at a discounted rate). These parking permits go quickly so register early for carpool permits. A word to the wise: in order to register for a carpool permit, all persons in the carpool must have cars. Keep in mind that the closer you park the more expensive the permits become.


If you have the unfortunate experience of receiving a ticket, you can either mail your payment in with the envelope with which the meter maid will so kindly provide you, or you can pay on the Parking and Transportation Services website. It is also possible to appeal your ticket (Parking Services’ idea of due process) either online or by mail with a particularly lawyerly-sounding letter, or a legitimate excuse.

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