Financial Aid

Once you’ve found a place to park, you’ll need some money to spend. The Financial Aid Office can help.

General Information

The office is in suite 2023 of the law school. You can also reach the office with questions or problems at (919) 613-7025 or While you should be receiving detailed financial aid information from the Financial Aid Office, here are a few important details.

  • Fill out all forms given to you as soon as possible—you will get your aid faster. You must complete the entrance loan counseling before your federal loans can be disbursed. Pay attention to deadlines!
  • If you are covering your tuition with financial aid or loans, the Bursar will not expect payment directly from you, but remember to complete all steps to obtain financial aid. You can check your financial aid status by logging into ACES.
  • Any financial aid that you receive in excess of your tuition will be disbursed to you through the Bursar’s Office approximately one week after classes begin. Sign up for direct deposit to get your disbursement faster! Otherwise, refund checks are mailed to the address listed in ACES.
  • Before you sign a lease for your apartment, be sure that your rent doesn’t exceed what is alloted in the financial aid student expense budget. (You don’t want to run short of cash right before exams begin!).

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