Duke Card

If you fill out the Duke Card form by the deadline in the summer, you will receive it during LEAD Week. If not, you need to go to the Duke Card Office to get it. The Duke Card Office is located at the very easterly end of the Bryan Center plaza on West Campus. At the end of the plaza, face north and go through the doors; the Duke Card Office is on your left.

At the Duke Card Office you can get your first card or get a replacement if you have lost your card. You can also call (919) 684-5800 to report a lost or stolen card. You can also activate and add money to your FLEX account at the Duke Card Office, which allows you to pay for a number of things on campus, including color copies and food (which saves you the state sales tax). Once you have activated your FLEX account, you may add funds via cash, check, debit card or Bursar charge at the office or online.

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